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Payment Policy

For any project, a non-refundable deposit of half of the total price is paid before work begins. The final half of the price is paid after work is completed to your satisfaction.

We will discuss the details of your project, and I will verify your order by email. Then I will send you a PayPal invoice for half of your total project cost. The invoice contains a link so that you can easily pay it online by credit card of bank transfer. Once the first invoice is paid, work begins on your project.

After your project is completed and receives your approval, you will receive an invoice for the final half of the cost. Once paid, your project is shipped to you.

Although PayPal is the preferred mode of payment because it expedites the ordering process, other types of payment are also accepted.

Other Types of Payment Accepted:

These types of payments require payment in full before work begins.

Money Order

Cashiers Check (Sorry, no personal checks accepted.)


If you wish to use one of the above accepted methods, the mailing address will be provided to you after you place your order. Work begins when payment is received.


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Reproduction or use of any content or works without permission is strictly prohibited.

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