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A: You may pay for your order with credit card or bank transfer through PayPal, or mail cash, a money order, or cashiers check. I prefer PayPal payments since they expedite the ordering process. Half of the payment is due before work begins on your project, and the final half is paid once work on your project is completed to your satisfaction. Learn more about the payment policy.
A: I am located in the USA. Unfortunately, because of the increase in identity theft and scams, I had to remove my address and phone number information from my web site. As a result, I withhold that information until after your order is placed, then you will be able to contact me via phone and postal mail.
A: Prices are calculated based on the materials used and the time involved. The subject of a portrait greatly effects the amount of time involved. Therefore, portraits that are large, have more than one subject, are full body, or have a detailed background will cost more.
A: Shipping and insurance are included in the price of the portraits.
A: Order time depends on my work load and the amount of time your individual project will take. I'll be happy to give you an estimated completion time when you place your order. If you need your order by a specific date, I will do everything I can to work with you and get your order finished in a timely manner. I strive to have a prompt order turn around, normally 2 to 3 weeks to complete the portrait, with a few additional days for shipping. However, I do not want to sacrifice quality for speed. Please order early if possible.
A: Yes, I am happy to work with anyone living outside the United States, and have shipped portraits internationally. Please contact me about shipping costs, international orders require additional shipping fees.
A: I launched my original web site PencilsandPixelsArt.com in 2005. Prior to that I offered portrait commissions on eBay.
A: Yes, all photos will be returned to you with your finished portrait. I prefer digital photos if possible. If we must use a print, I suggest mailing a copy of the photo so there is no risk of the losing the original through the mail.
A: Yes, I can draw people from multiple photographs in to one portrait. It works best if the lighting of the subjects are similar so they will go well together in your portrait. The poses of the subjects must also be considered. Please send the photos and your request to NicoleIHamiltonArt@yahoo.com so I can determine how the subjects in the pictures will work together and give you a free quote.
A: It depends on the quality of the photo. If the photo is a hard copy and very clear, I may be able to scan it at a high resolution and create a portrait from it. However, if the photo is digital, and low resolution, it may not be possible to see enough detail for a pencil portrait. Please send the photo to NicoleIHamiltonArt@yahoo.com. I will look at it and determine if it will work. Also, please read the Choosing Your Photo page for some tips.
A: Yes I can incorporate changes that will improve the quality of the portrait. For example, I have adjusted a subjects eyes so they were looking straight ahead instead of to the side. If you want something drawn differently like the hair, teeth, or clothing, I will be happy to try and accommodate your request. Please email me at NicoleIHamiltonArt@yahoo.com and include a copy of your photo for a free quote. Minor changes are free, but major adjustments will take more time and increase the cost of your portrait.
A: Yes I can draw text on any portrait for an additional fee. The cost of text on a hand drawn color or black and white portrait is $1 per letter or character. For watercolor portraits the cost is $2 per letter or character. Each letter is completely hand drawn or painted and can be designed to mimic the font of your choice. Words on a portrait are a nice way to commemorate dates such as a wedding, anniversary, or new baby. Pricing Information
A: The galleries contain works from my entire drawing career, with the most recent portraits shown first. Some of the older drawings are not as good as the more recent ones. Many of my first drawings I drew using just a mechanical pencil. I leave them in the galleries to show the progression of my skill.





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