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Articles For Artists

I wrote these articles hoping they will help artists drawing with graphite pencil, especially those currently learning how to work with the medium. These articles contain information I found useful when I was beginning with pencil drawing, some tricks I have learned, and my suggestions for useful products.


Keeping Whites, White
Learn about masking the white and highlight areas of your drawing with Friskets. Read about the different forms of Frisket and how to apply them.


Making Blacks, Black
Discover the differences between grades of graphite pencils and see how you can darken the shadows in your drawings.


Shades of Gray
Explore different methods of shading and blending graphite, and the best tools to use.


Cleaning Up Your Act

Learn about some of the different kinds of erasers and what they are best for.


Fixatives: To Seal and Protect

Read about spray-on fixatives, including the different varieties available and their uses.


The Eyes Have It
Find tips on drawing the perfect eye for your portraits.


Eye Drawing Tutorial

This step by step drawing tutorial will help you draw a human eye.


Unusual Essential Drawing Tools
A list of some everyday objects that you might not associate with drawing, and why they should be on your drawing desk.




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